Während der Weihnachtsferien findet das Training
am Donnerstag, den 28.Dezember 2017 und am 
Dienstag, den 02.Januar 2018
NICHT statt!!

Wir starten wieder am Donnerstag, den 4.Januar 2018! 


 Dezember 2017

Level  Wochentag  Uhrzeit Tänze


Level 3            Trainer Agnes

 Dienstag     18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr

Trail of tears

Level 3 b            Trainer Steffi Dienstag     20:00 Uhr - 21:30 Uhraufgelöst

Level 4           Trainer Marion

 Dienstag      20:00 Uhr - 21:30 Uhr


Level 4           Trainer Marion Donnerstag 18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr



Couple Dance Trainer Marion Dienstag     18:30 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr 

Suzanne, Suzanne (Wdhlg)


 2016/ 2017 gelernte Tänze:

Level 3 (jetzt 3a): Toes, Aussie Summer; Cotton Pickin' morning; White Rose; 1-800; Beer for my horses; Summer fly;Baby ride easy; Inspiration; Kill the spider; Red hot salsa; Knee deep; Tag on; People are crazy; Vertical Expression; Wave on wave; All you Need; Sunbeam; Country 2step; Doctor, Doctor; Closer; Boat to Liverpool, Beautiful day; Not fair,Dixie Road; Memphis love; Pizziricco; Don't you wish; Action; Bumper Sticker; Drinks for two; Mean; Roll in the hay; Clickety Clack; Drunken Cowboy;

Level 3 (jetzt 3b): Aussie Summer; Doctor Doctor; Toes; Summer Fly; White Rose; Beer for my horses; Dixie Road; Copperhead Road; Kill the spider; Red hot salsa; Inspiration; Knee deep; Tag on; People are crazy; Vertical Expression; Baby ride easy; Country 2Step, Sunbeam; Closer; Drinks for two; Memphis love; Boat to Liverpool; Don't you wish

Level 4: All day long; Take it easy; Drinks for two; Homegrown; Hillbilly Girl; Inspiration; Jolene; Bad moon on the rise, Memphis love; The World; Tag on; Cowboy dreams; Bring on the good times; Lonely girls (Workshop Sommerfest); Truck a truck; Long road to Richmond; Bring down the house; Side by side; Country 2step; Johnny come lately; We go home; Hold; Beautiful day; Last Cowboy; American Kids; Locklin's Bar; World on fire, Lay low, Bread and butter; Blueberry Pancake; Country high; Anything for love; Three wooden crosses; Shakin' Mix; Lonely drum; Yodle-a-e-tee; Golden Ring; Central Standard time; Booze Cruise; Chasing down a good time; 16 Bars; Empty Space;

Paartanz: Suzanne,Suzanne; Hold your hat; Something fine, Cold beer; I love this bar;New barn Dance; Tag on for two; Roller Coaster for two; C.R.S., Roller Coaster for 2; Sweet delight; La Estrella; Wings of love; Triple Cross;